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Meet universities and colleges from the region or from overseas, virtually or connect anytime with UNIVER online.
Your future is waiting for you.
21-23 October, 2020
How to connect with universities?
Find out everything you need to know about different subjects, which country is right for you, chat to other students online, complete one application and apply to up to 10 universities of your choice (all free of charge) with one click, and all in one place at UNIVER online
Meet universities and colleges from across the region, in Dubai, and learn more about what is on offer that will make your future the success you deserve. You will be able to chat in a COVID secure environment, find out about different learning opportunities and what you need, to be accepted by some of the top universities and colleges in the region.
This year, we are offering all students the opportunity to connect with universities and colleges in the best way to suit you. At the UNIVER Virtual Fair, you can chat online, by audio and video and begin conversations with many universities from the UK, the US, Europe and across the Middle East. You can meet some of the best universities in the world at the UNIVER Virtual Fair and even make your application online through UNIVER.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the link under the name of the university that you want to meet with and you will be able to book a time to meet either face to face (if you are in UAE) or online if you are outside UAE. All information will be provided on the booking page.

Yes, absolutely. We have a fully trained team of advisers who are available at any time to suit you. You can email us on or whatsapp on +971 54 433 4080

Some universities are teaching virtually, some have the full campus experience, some have a mix of both. Email us on or whatsapp on +971 54 433 4080 and we can help you decide the best route for you.
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